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Your generous gift helps The Solidarity Project continue to support our Honduran community partners and projects through grants, leadership development, and consultation. 

You can also donate by sending a check to:

The Solidarity Project

3015 13th Ave South

Seattle, WA 98144

*Please make check out to The Solidarity Project

Over the years, your support has gone towards projects such as the Comedor Infantil Talanga Honduras (CITH), a lunch meal program serving 30 children in Talanga, Honduras, and to partner projects including: Amigos de la Educación (ADLE), a CITH School supplies Grant, and Mesa Comunitaria.

Thanks to your generosity, we are excited to expand our support to new on-the-ground leaders and communities to enact their visions of change.

The Solidarity Project is a 501 (c)3 non-profit.  All donations are tax deductible in the United States according to IRS regulations.

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