Community Art Initiative

Community Art Initiative in Mata de Plátano, Honduras

In May 2018, The Solidarity Project partnered with the village of Mata de Plátano in Cedros, Honduras to create a beautiful community mural!

The mural represents the community of Mata de Plátano; note a leafy banana tree, representing the community name (Mata de Plátano means Banana Tree) and behind it a mandarin tree, another common fruit grown in the community.  Mata de Plátano is among the largest producers of mandarins in Honduras and they even have a festival dedicated to this production, The Mandarin Festival, which is celebrated every December, during peak mandarin season.

Thank you to local Honduran Artist, Marcio Arteaga, assistant artist, Scarlett Rovelaz, and the community of Mata de Plátano for their partnership and hard work in creating an incredible mural for the school and community!  We are proud to support community art initiatives in Honduras!

If you are interested in getting a copy of the mural, please contact for more information!

Community Art Initiative in Cedros, Honduras

Creativity workshop

In October 2018, Marcio Arteaga, local Honduran artist, implemented his “Creativity Workshops” at the Pueblo Nuevo Middle and High School in Cedros, Honduras.

This is the second community art initiative Marcio has designed and launched with the support of The Solidarity Project.  Marcio held multi-day workshops at each of the schools and worked with middle and high school students to create a beautiful mural for their school (pictured above). This mural is the first piece of community art in Pueblo Nuevo and we are proud to support this cultural and artistic work!