Project Director 

Since 2018, Gloria Artiaga has served as the Project Director, leading on-the-ground operations in Honduras for The Solidarity Project (TSP). In this role, she implements and oversees TSP’s current project, Mesa Comunitaria, a community micro-granting program, mobilizing community leaders across three different rural and peri-urban regions of Honduras to mobilize communities to enact their visions for positive social change in addition to other TSP programs. Gloria’s role is central to TSP’s work and she is responsible for providing the support, training, and resources to make these visions a reality.

Gloria brings close ten years of experience in community participatory development in Honduras. She began her work as a community leader and organizer in her home community of El Tule, a small village in the municipality of Cedros, Honduras. In 2010, she worked with Lauren O’Neill to help found Amigos de la Educacíon, a scholarship program to support education for rural youth in middle school, high school, and college to address the need in her community for increased access to education. In 2017, Gloria partnered with TSP to implement a 6-month intensive youth leadership development program to support student leadership and social-emotional skills to optimize the benefits of their education and to equip rural students to confront challenges in their lives and communities.

Gloria graduated with a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. She believes in the power of investing in local community leaders as the best way to create positive, lasting change in Honduras.