Join Us For Our First Annual Month of Solidarity!

TSP Solidarity Month

We are excited to announce that we are launching our first annual Month of Solidarity on Giving Tuesday!

Our vision is to dedicate this next month to building global solidarity by challenging ourselves and others to do something, big or small, to cultivate solidarity.  Over the next month, we would love to hear your thoughts about what solidarity means to you!

We invite you to join us in sharing what solidarity means to you by sharing on our Facebook page, tagging us on Instagram (please use the handle @thesolidarityprojecthonduras with the hashtag #solidarityinaction), or sending us an email ( We will be featuring your stories of solidarity throughout the next month.

In the past year alone, your support has allowed us to support eight community leaders in implementing community projects such as improving school buildings, installing a community drainage system, and furnishing a community center.  We hope to raise $6,000 as part of our end-of-year campaign to continue to implement these types of participatory development projects in Honduras in 2019. We will be hosting fundraising events in the U.S. (Seattle, Missoula, New York, and New Orleans), Iraq, and Honduras. Please join us by attending an event, sharing with us what solidarity means to you on social media, or donating to The Solidarity Project throughout our month of solidarity!