Our Role

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We believe that Hondurans should be their own agents of change

When our founding members lived on the ground in Talanga, Honduras we quickly realized that the community knew best what their needs were, how to create lasting change, and knew best how to gain trust amoung their own community.

The Honduran community approached us, a group of Passionist Volunteers, because they were concerned about children in their community eating from dumpsters, living in extreme poverty, dropping out of school to work, and becoming involved with drugs and gangs.  They had a dream to start a community meal center, the Comedor Infantil Talanga, for these children and they asked us to help. Together, we got to know the community; rallied together a passionate group of Hondurans, solicited donations from local businesses, and began the Comedor Infantil Talanga, a lunch-time meal program for children.

To this day, the Comedor Infantil Talanga relies almost exclusively on local support, however, due to Honduras’ abysmal economy, escalating violence, infiltration of drug trafficking, and rampant gang activity, more than local donations are needed as poverty continues to deepen.  Our role at the Solidarity Project is one of partnership, support, and consultation.  We seek to use our connections built bridges of support and promote the incredible work of our Hondurans partners here in the U.S.  As foreigners, we are honored to be a part of this work.

Our projects are built on relationships and solidarity

We believe in this model.  We believe that true empowerment comes from Honduran ownership and leadership in projects that affect their communities.

We stand in solidarity with their efforts, with their ideas, and with their people. Together, we will work to create lasting change. Our projects not only meet the community’s basic needs, they bring the community together in a spirit of hope, empowerment, and they affirm the infinite potential that lies within each person.