Comedor Infantil Talanga Honduras

 Comedor Infantil Talanga Honduras

Comedor Infantil Talanga Honduras (CITH) is a lunch-time meal program that serves over 30 children from the Nuevo San Diego neighborhood of Talanga, Honduras.  Together, with the Passionist Volunteers International (several of whom are co-founders of TSP), the community-envisioned, developed, and implemented CITH.  This project began in 2010 as a simple meal program for children in the lowest-income community of the city, but expanded over time to include education and psychosocial support activities and medical care.  The CITH facility functioned as a community center providing a safe space for children, adolescents, women, and men to come together to implement community ideas. The Solidarity Project acted as a major funder and was actively involved with CITH until 2015 when the project was transitioned entirely to the CITH Honduran Board. The Solidarity Project continues to be involved in the Nuevo San Diego community, having most recently supported the provision of educational supplies for children of CITH in 2017 and implemented the first Mesa Comunitaria micro-granting project in Nuevo San Diego.