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Covid-19 response

Emergency Food & Seed Distribution


As the coronavirus spread to Honduras, to government closed its borders, all nonessential businesses and public transportation for over four months in most communities including our partner communities.TSP consulted our network of community leaders to determine the emergent needs as the pandemic radically changed their daily lives.

They identified the following areas of support:


  • Food security;

  • Stronger local health systems;

  • Opportunities to strengthening local businesses.


In response, TSP mobilized our community interns and over 65 community leaders to distribute emergency food rations & sustainable home gardening educational materials and seeds to families most in need in seven partner communities. 


In total, TSP distributed, 

Covid Impact.png
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StrengtHening local health systems During the pandemic 

As Covid-19 continues to further isolate many rural communities, TSP is investing directly in improving the capacity of a network of local Community Health Volunteers in five of our most rural partner communities. In November, we partnered with the firefighters of Talanga to train 20 Community Health Volunteers in basic first aid. These trainings will continue in 2021 as the pandemic and damages occurred from Hurricanes Eta & Iota have further isolated many of our partners.  


TSP is also launching a community first aid kit project this year to help community members have improved access to medicine and help establish this as a sustainable community resource that could last past the pandemic. 

We are working on this project in the following communities:

  • La Majada Verde, Talanga

  • El Aguacatal, Cedros

  • Tule, Cedros

  • Coa Abajo, D.C. 

  • El Ocotal, D.C. 


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