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The Solidarity Project is Seeking new Board Members for 2023!

Join our dynamic team and make a difference!


The Solidarity Project Board of Directors (BOD) seeks individuals with a passion for our mission who desire to join our all-volunteer board of directors and to make an impact in Honduras and at the organizational level.


The Solidarity Project values diversity and inclusion and we strive to cultivate a well-rounded team with a variety of skills including strategic and organizational planning, fundraising skills, marketing skills, financial management, knowledge of the community and local resources, communication skills, and ability to work in teams. 


We are a fun, passionate group and would love to have you join our team!  We are incorporated in Washington and currently have active board members in Missoula, Honduras, New York City, and New Orleans.


If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please email: 

Responsibilities of Board Members:


  • Know the organization’s mission, vision, values, bylaws, financials, programs, policies, and needs

  • Actively prepare and participate in board meetings and complete follow up duties

  • Be an active ambassador for the organization

  • Engage in developing and implementing our fundraising plan to secure adequate funding for the organization

  • Support the organization through participation at special projects and fundraising events, and through meaningful financial contributions

  • Support marketing efforts and social media campaigns

  • If possible, participate in in-person board meetings either stateside or in Honduras

  • Leverage connections, networks, and resources to collectively support our mission and vision

  • Approve and develop short and long term plans of the organization 

  • Establish metrics and monitor the effectiveness of the organization and the fulfillment of our mission

  • Select and support the organization’s board officers

  • Review, approve and monitor finances and budgets to ensure financial stability

  • Hire and evaluate staff

  • Implements, along with the organization’s senior staff members, the board orientation

  • Responsible for the ongoing education of the board

  • Act with integrity, avoid conflict of interest, maintain confidentiality 

  • Spanish language skills preferred


Time Requirement:  Meetings are held approximately bimonthly, date/time agreed upon by the BOD.  Typically we meet online but we hope to have an in-person board meeting in either US or Honduras annually or every other year.  We ask that board members plan on a 4 hour time commitment each month; during annual fund drive months, this may be a bit more.


The term commitment of each elected board member is one year with ability to continue service.  Service on The Solidarity Project’s Board of Directors is without compensation. 


Board Member Leadership Position Descriptions



  • Plan board meetings, establish agenda, preside at meetings

  • Directs, supervises, and is in charge of the assets, business, strategic and organizational planning/execution, and affairs. Ensures adherence to local, state, and federal non-profit law and financial reporting including taxes.

  • Ensure the effective action of the board in governing and supporting the organization

  • Develop new partnerships locally and in Honduras

  • Donor and advocate for organization, other duties as assigned



  • Keeps record of the BOD meetings, maintain correspondence regarding TSP’s business as applicable, give notice of meeting of TSP where required by Bylaws, and unless otherwise appointed, either President or Secretary will sign contracts, registrations, agreements pertaining to TSP.  

  • Donor and advocate for organization, other duties as assigned



  • Manage the BOD review of, and action related to, the BOD’s financial responsibilities

  • Work directly with the Honduran Project Director and other staff in developing and implementing financial procedures and systems

  • Ensure that regular financial reports are made available to the board on key financial events, trends, concerns.  Provide annual financial report

  • Provide regular assessments of fiscal health

  • Donor and advocate for organization, other duties as assigned


Board Member at Large

  • Serves on the BOD to help advance TSP’s mission and vision; see above responsibilities

  • Ensures that TSP’s Board is fulfilling its responsibilities and commitments.  Assist with executive duties and fill vacancies as needed and as assigned

  • Donor and advocate for organization, other duties as assigned

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