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Senior Consultant & Co-Founder

Lauren O'Neill is the Senior Consultant & Co-Founder of The Solidarity Project and has served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors in previous years. Lauren has over a decade of experience working in Latin America & the Caribbean with grassroots leadership, designing participatory development programs, and managing alliances and partnerships across public, private, and government entities to bring programming and resources to women, youth and families. In 2016, Lauren received her Masters in International Management and Policy from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. Lauren also worked as a diligent advocate for Central American asylum seekers in Brooklyn, New York where she previously resided. 

Over the past decade, Lauren's work has focused on creating programmatic interventions and opportunities for youth, women, and girls. Lauren has experience both in nonprofit and for-profit sectors in Latin America, including leading the initial expansion of Micro-finance organization to provide partnerships & services for underserved women, girls and youth in Guatemala. 


Lauren currently resides in Honduras where she supports TSP's Program Director and TSP's expansion efforts, focusing on the development of strategic partnerships and programs.

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