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Melisa Raudales 

Project Director 

In February 2022, Melisa Raudales joined our team as the Project Director, leading our on-the-ground operations in Honduras. In this crucial role, Melisa implements and oversees all the programs, acting as the main manager and mentor to over 35 community leaders in seven rural partner communities. Prior to her time with TSP, Melisa has held previous roles with the Honduran government, and she runs her own small business.

Melisa is from El Ocotol, Honduras, one of our rural partner communities, and she believes deeply in the empowerment of women leaders as she confronted these challenges first-hand. Since taking on this role, Melisa has mobilized many new leaders and risen to the challenge of reestablishing our programs back to in-person services. She is a leader that is dedicated to creating positive, lasting change in Honduras.  

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